TED: Language of Numbers Unit 1 Teacher’s Edition


This teacher’s edition of Language of Number Unit One includes a reproduction of every student page, a complete lesson guide, and answers. Material covered includes mental arithmetic, problem-solving, associative and commutative properties of addition, number-needed problems, subtraction, number lines, horizontal and vertical addition with two-digit sums, developing a mental image of fractions, counting by twos, counting by fives, geometry, houses and place value, and more!

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This book is the teacher’s guide to the Language of Numbers Unit 1.  The aim of the Language of Numbers is to help children develop a concept of numbers and to enable them to express number concepts and number relationsips in words. By using the careful, step-by-step instructions of this book, you will bring your students to understand that the answer is not the goal. The goal is to understand the means of obtaining the answer. Present each lesson by working with your students in groups until they have control of each step of a procedure. Then they will be able to perform individually, then independently by using their student workbook. See the product images for a complete index of the book.

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