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Manual: Spelling Book Grade Four is the teacher’s edition of Spelling Book Grade Four. It includes the text of the students’ version and step-by-step teaching instructions for each of the 50 lessons. Tests, a complete copy of the Carden Vowel Chart, word lists for reference, an appendix, and an index are included.

Rather than encouraging memorization, this manual will show you how to teach your students to spell words accurately without memorizing each individual word. By using the examples outlined in the introductory material of each lesson, you’ll help your students identify facts about the sounds of English and the letters that spell them. They’ll then use these facts to read and spell the words in the spelling list, and many, many others that follow the same rules.

Each lesson is divided into two parts taught on consecutive days. Two full lessons are taught each week.

Part 1 equips students to accurately spell example words by studying and applying the rules of phonics and word structure showcased in those words.

Part 2 allows students to apply what they’ve been learning as they write down sentences dictated by the teacher. Those sentences form a paragraph or two. Interesting facts about the history of the United States and important historical figures are included in the paragraphs. The class will participate as sentences are analyzed for comprehension. Vocabulary development, the proper use of grammar, punctuation, capitalization, pronouns, and verbs are featured. Finally, students will learn to organize the content of the sentences into an informal outline.

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