TED: Blue Book Questions for Developing Comprehension and Building a Speaking Vocabulary


This is the teacher’s edition of Blue Book, the second book in our reading series. It includes the complete text of the student’s edition, along with detailed lessons to ensure successful learning. 

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The ability to sound out words is just the first step in reading. This easy-to-follow manual provides carefully planned questions and a body of teaching techniques designed to develop a growing vocabulary and real reading comprehension.

A child may read words but have little understanding of what he or she has read unless the teacher provides experiences in developing comprehension and vocabulary. Use this publication to help students:

  1. See that a specific statement is an expression of a general idea, which involves drawing inferences.
  2. Experience evaluating the quality and relevance of the thoughts in the reading material as they relate to the topic.
  3. Have a command of words that promotes self-expression.
  4. Compare and contrast elements of the reading material, which involves interpretation of its content and the ability to distinguish fact from fiction.
  5. Associate the reading material with personal life experience.
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